Poultry chicken farming battery chicken cages

With the development of scale and intensification of poultry farming, most poultry farmers are currently using poultry battery chicken cages. Poultry battery chicken cages can promote the development of poultry farming. The use of poultry cages can help improve poultry farming efficiency and farming profitability

Introduction of poultry battery chicken cages

Poultry battery chicken cages are generally used in chicken farms with a certain scale of farming. Its function is mainly to use the limited space as much as possible to provide living places for more chickens. According to the type of chickens, poultry cages can be divided into layer battery cages, broiler cages and brooder cages. The use of the chicken cage is different, and its structural details are also different.

Among the different types of battery chicken cages, the most popular should be the layer battery cages. The battery cage for layers can generally be divided into A type chicken cages and H type chicken cages. Layer battery cages are mainly used for laying chickens, so the bottom net of the cage is inclined. In addition, egg trays are installed on the front side of the layer cage. The sloping bottom net helps the eggs slide towards the egg tray for easy egg collection. In addition, to a certain extent, it also prevents chickens from pecking at eggs and reduces the egg breaking rate.

Compared with laying hens and chicks, broiler chickens are heavier and have more calories. Therefore, more attention should be paid to heat dissipation when broiler chickens are raised in broiler cages. In order to better help the broilers dissipate heat, the design of the broiler cages will be slightly wider. There will be a certain width of ventilation openings between the two groups of chicken cages.

Chickens less than 60 days old are chicks. The chicks are relatively small. In order to allow the chicks to stand stably in the cage, the design of the bottom net is flat. In addition, the grid spacing of the bottom net will be smaller than that of layer cages and broiler cages.

advantages of battery cage system of poultry production

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Advantages of battery chicken cages

At present, there are four main types of poultry farming chicken cages in China and abroad, namely, battery cage, free range, free run and furnished cage. Each of these patterns has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is most common to raise a chicken cage. About 90% of the world’s eggs are said to be kept in a shelf. The advantages of this farming model are clean sanitation, small chicken breeding, easy management, pecking and similar loss of the same kind, and the air quality in the house is better.

In the condition of chicken caged, poultry production performance was higher, and most of them showed significant improvement in the number of eggs produced. On average, the total weight of each chicken per day increased and the mortality rate of the egg chicken decreased significantly. Compared with the production performance of the white  laying hens in the caged and organic breeding system, the results showed that the hens had higher egg production.

Steamed chicken half eviscerated ratio, full eviscerated ratio, abdominal fat rate were significantly higher than that of chickens, and battery cage mesh smooth, can prevent infection chicken foot injury, netting and bottom network encryption, can effectively prevent the layer chicken battery cages fatigue syndrome. Galvanized mesh, and improve the service life is 6 to 7 times, high density raising economical use of land, farming economical use of land by about 50% than the range type, centrally managed to save energy and resources, reduce the poultry disease incidence, the unique door design, effectively prevent the chicken to gather the food waste feed.

The poultry farm cage can also be adjusted according to the size of the breeding site, which can be equipped with active drinking water system to save manpower.

chicken battery cage

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Cost of battery cage for poultry

The cost of battery cage for poultry is usually determined by the size of the chicken farm. The more the breeding volume, the more chicken cages are needed, and the higher the cost. The amount of farming will also affect the choice of automation level, and more automation equipment installed will also lead to higher costs. In general, farms with less than 5,000 chickens can only buy chicken cages without choosing other automation equipment. For 5,000 to 15,000 chickens, automatic manure cleaning equipment and feeding equipment can be added appropriately. Farms with more than 15,000 chickens generally choose fully automatic farming equipment . In addition, there are many other factors that affect the cost of poultry cages. For example, the quality of the product itself, the quality of service provided by the supplier and so on.

In general, the cost of cages for poultry is uncertain,it depends on your farming volume and specific needs. Although the cost of chicken cages will increase with the increase of breeding volume, this will not affect the income of your farm, but will help to expand the income. This is because the use of chicken cages can double the amount of breeding and increase the breeding density. In this process, it not only increases more income, but also saves space cost and labor cost.

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