Poultry egg chicken farming equipment advantages

At present, the scale commodity egg chicken farm equipment has the cage farming, flat raise equipment. It is widely used in the cage-raising equipment, mainly in the cascade type and step type.
Poultry market is in an important period of transformation and upgrading of large-scale commodity farming chicken egg for practitioners and the practitioners to know and understand the advantage of laying hens cage equipment , so as to determine the correct equipment procurement and retrofit scheme. Now let’s take a brief look at the advantages of the egg-cage equipment and point out the direction of development.
The creation of a modern chicken farm requires not only modern chicken equipment, but also modern farming concepts. Of course, you also need to understand different types of use methods for devices.
Laying hens breeding equipment is has certain advantages, first of all, the use of laying hens breeding equipment is a variety of parts and function are combined, the farmers can be good according to the actual needs of their own, control the scale of production. The degree of automation is relatively high, in the breeding chicken house, only the control button, feeding, picking up eggs, ventilation, temperature adjustment and other work can be completed. Second, the automation of breeding way to improve the ability of continuous production, and got to the development and utilization of production resources, effectively raise chicken laying hens, economic benefits for the commercialization of feed production provides a reliable guarantee.
Advantages of laying hens breeding equipment mainly divides into several big key, first of all, laying hens breeding equipment heat fast, changed the traditional way of circulation, make the hot water circulation quickly, make the hot water pipe and furnace temperature reached parity, without deflated, automatic pressure relief, add water cycle, heat transfer efficiency about 50% faster than traditional way.
Furthermore, laying hens breeding equipment high thermal efficiency, combustion and heat part can clever union, adopts horizontal cation combustion, no dead Angle in the hearth, large heating area, furnace with thermal insulation material and heat insulation, waste heat recycling, pipe temperature < 70 ?, the thermal efficiency of farming to laying hens breeding equipment are some of the characteristics of more than 93%.
Then, the egg-raising equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The product can fuel any fuel, such as bituminous coal, coal type coal, loose coal, straw pressure block and burnable refuse. In a furnace, it can be gasified and combustion, and all kinds of harmful substances and residual elements are eliminated in the processor. The problem of smokeless combustion, such as coal and straw, has been solved, which has achieved the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, which is 30% to 50% less fuel than the traditional spontaneous combustion method.
And finally, laying hens breeding equipment automatic humidification heating separation changed the farming industry, make the product itself can produce heat moisture, prevent indoor dry, ammonia removal, improves the livestock and poultry resistance, reduce the happening of the disease.
In poultry laying chicken egg caged, there have been breeding farms in the use of poultry equipment, it also represents a direction of laying hens breeding equipment application will make farming quantity become larger, the advantage will be further demonstration, promotion value will get further improvement.