Poultry farming automated drinking water system

The automatic drinking water system for poultry farming is an essential equipment for the automation and modernization of poultry farming.
The principle of a poultry farm automated chicken for drinking water is to use atmospheric pressure. When the pressure inside the tube plus the pressure inside the tube is equal to the pressure outside, the water doesn’t flow out. Chicken of water and bottle water is falling, when the water drop below bottle, bottle outside air into the bottle, at the same time, the water inside the bottle, the bottle to bottle on web, it can’t go into the bottle, water is not out. So it ACTS as an automatic water supply.
Chicken poultry production automation of water fountain ball valve type nipple water supply system is equipped with advanced water filters, water pressure regulator, can satisfy the laying hens, broiler chicken from being young to into chicken, caged, flat to keep drinking water demand.
Poultry breeding automatic drinking water equipment USES the best quality stainless steel parts with the best corrosion resistance, and the service life is longer. The plastic housing with the best comprehensive performance is the best combination with stainless steel parts. The simple structure of four components makes it more reliable; The double-layer sealing structure is more suitable for all kinds of water quality; Step-wise upper stem can form the size of two kinds of water, meet the size of different chicken water demand.
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