Poultry farming broiler cages system for sale

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is specializing in the production of chicken cage, is a collection of chicken battery equipment research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of poultry breeding equipment enterprises, mainly produce the chicken cage, caged chickens equipment, automatic feeding machine, poultry drinking fountain, chicken warm air furnace, wet curtain fan, poultry equipment, etc., for the build farmers construction standardization, automation, large scale poultry farms.
For poultry breeding poultry cage system has many advantages, compared with traditional flat to raise management of poultry production, its advantages over traditional cultivation greatly, the first to use the chicken cage breeding poultry in a batch, due to be regular cleaning of excrement and urine, so ammonia and dust is reduced greatly, so reduced because there is no mat grass caused by bacteria, has a great harm on the poultry coccidiosis also will not be spread, and there is special, soft floor element to prevent the poultry because breast blisters, swelling, or damage caused by a foot injury, almost do not need to use any drugs.
There are several benefits to the use of poultry cage systems for farming. First, it saves energy by increasing the number of chickens in each house.
Second, it saves the cost of buying or the cost of the disease caused by the mat, and can hardly buy any medicine.
It then increases the conversion rate of feed, making poultry farming more weight and shorter.
In the end, do not need too much manpower to deal with, saving labor costs.
It is also important to have a poultry poultry cage system with a gentle chicken delivery system and a high speed of chicken, while ensuring good meat quality.
Standardized scale, green farming is the development direction of poultry industry, poultry caged as a breeding technology developed in recent years, the rapid model, is gradually attention and accepted by industry, three-dimensional chicken cage management as a new mode of cultivation technology, the environment parameters, automatic control can be further optimized to improve, many technologies such as raising the management level of form a complete set the demand is higher, of course, this kind of large scale poultry caged upfront investment is relatively more, so the food safety and health of aquaculture, hold the pulse of the industry, technology direction, development of advanced production mode to have better future.