Poultry farming cage system with detailed information

In today’s poultry farming industry,the cage is a very important device, it can help farmers to manage the farm well, not only save the labor force, but also to promote the scale of the farm.
First let us together to sort out the types of poultry farming cage, and then respectively summarized the characteristics of different cages.
We all know that the common cage with four main anti-corrosion treatment process, namely: cold galvanized, hot galvanized, aluminum and zinc alloy and electrostatic spraying.
The cage are divided into layer chicken cages, broiler cages and broods cages and other types, according to the different types of poultry, to choose a suitable cage for poultry to ensure the healthy growth of poultry.
Broiler cage farming has a high degree of automation, saving land resources while also saving labor costs and feed. Moreover, cage broiler chickens do not contact feces, homes within the air quality is good for the growth of broiler to provide favorable environmental conditions, can effectively reduce the incidence of the disease.
The laying hens are divided into A-type ladder cage and H-type stacked chicken cage. A-type of ladder type has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and automation equipment, low input cost and fast income. H-type stacked egg cage, with high automation, high density characteristics, effectively reducing the cost of feeding and effectively improve the labor productivity and other advantages, is large-scale, madern production trend of laying hens.poultry farming cages manufacturers in China

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On the cage, can be divided into angle iron cage, flat iron cage and U-shaped steel cage three, with good stability and not easy to deformation advantages.
The emergence of poultry cage system, so that poultry farming has been rapid development, it is an important contributor to poultryfarming scale.