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Poultry include chickens, turkey, ducks, and geese. These animals are raised for their meat and eggs. Chickens are the most common bird raised for both meat and eggs. Some chickens that are raised for their chicken meat are called broilers. Some chickens that are raised for eggs are called laying hens or layers. In order to obtain greater breeding benefits, most farmers are now using poultry cages to raise chickens in their poultry farms.

Three type poultry cages for sale

There are currently three main types of chicken poultry cages for sale on the market, namely layer cages, broiler cages and pullet cages.

1. Layer poultry cages.Layer poultry cages are chicken cages specially designed for laying hens. Normally, the chicken is put into the battery cage from chick cage at 18 to 20 weeks and will be raised there until 72 weeks. LIVI layer cages provide laying hens with a healthy, clean and comfortable environment. The main differences between different chicken cages are the design and structure. The scientific design and strong built net wire enable laying hens to perform their highest production efficiency.

2. Poultry broiler cages.Broiler battery cage mainly for the poultry broiler chicken farm.We specially use the best plastics, scientific design with reducing chickens fatigue level in order to make the broiler stand more comfortable and overcome the inflammation of the chest. With the stacked types of broiler battery cages and 3-8 tiers can meet your broiler farms requirements.All the equipment are fully automatic, so you can save a lot of time while just operate the control button easily.

3. Pullet chicken cages.LIVI’s cages for pullets offers producers an innovative design that provides an optimal environment to fulfill the growth needs of the birds. A variety of types are available to choose. Our pullet chicken cage covers small area, has large amount of feed, and the full automatic system saves costs.

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Poultry cages for sale from poultry equipment suppliers in china

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional engaged in the cages, and poultry farming breeding equipment production and sales of the trump card suppliers. Is a company with a strong business team and excellent technical team of the poultry equipment company, with excellent product quality and strong strength won many customers.
My company’s poultry farming chicken cage equipment exported to major countries, with high-quality, high service features, to become farmers trust brand.
Poultry grow rapidly, mature early, reproductive capacity, feed utilization rate is high, can product a large number of nutritious eggs and meat products in the short term, so the market demand is huge, poultry industry is becoming more and more prosperous.
The chicken cage equipment is the main equipment for farming chicken. The configuration  structural parameters determine the feed density, determine the choice of equipment foe faces, potable water, feed, and environmental control equipment.
Poultry cages equipment is divided into two types of ladder and cascade.
Ladder cages area, good ventilation effect, uniform illumination, and has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, easy for operation.
The stacked cages can raise high density, reduce farm area, improve the production efficiency of the breeders.
Poultry farming cage farming equipment can make your farming easier, easier and more efficient, and become your best helper on the road to success.

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Features of our chicken poultry cages for sale

1. Sturdy and durable – high-strength welded mesh, solid solder joints, passed professional testing, no need to worry about load bearing issues;

2. Anti corrosion – the material of the cage net is made of hot dip galvanized wire, which is excellent in material, wear resistant and corrosion resistant;

3. Long service life – the service life is as long as 20 years;

4. The density of the base fabric is increased – to prevent the deformation or fatigue of chicken feet, which is conducive to the healthy growth of chickens;

5. Unique cage door design – left and right sliding door, easy to manage chickens;

6. Easy to assemble and use – the assembly method is simple and easy to learn, no need for professional and technical personnel;

7. Excellent natural ventilation environment – the air in each layer is fresher, providing a better living environment for chickens;

8. Land & Space Saving——centralized management, saving land resources, improving land utilization, and saving land costs;

9. Eggs are not stained with chicken manure – to prevent egg contamination and ensure egg quality;

10. Eggs will not break or fall – increase the egg production rate of fence hens

11. Reduce feed waste – save money and improve feed conversion rate.

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Best poultry farm cage price from poultry cage factory

The chicken poultry cage is where most chickens live. If you have the mind to get into poultry chicken production, then poultry cages are highly recommended to start your chicken production journey. These cages are highly automated and come in different sizes and models at affordable prices. The exact price depends on the number of birds. The larger the breeding volume, the higher the price of poultry cages will be. However, the larger the breeding volume, the higher the profit will also be obtained by raising chickens in poultry cages.

We are the best poultry equipment suppliers in china with our own factory. Our factory production process strictly abides by industry standards. From material selection to cutting, molding, assembly, etc., our production process is very mature. We can provide you with the best poultry farm cage price on the premise of ensuring product quality

In conclusion,LIVI have 30 years experience in design, production, sales and marketing of poultry farming chicken cage and poultry equipment. We supply high quality poultry cage for sale with best price.If you need to buy poultry farm cages, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.