The poultry farming chicken house equipment for sale

Keeping the spirit of innovation is consistent, we produce multi-layer poultry farming and breeding equipment, which can keep the chicken until it grows up, so we don’t have to consider changing the house in its growing season. The system is more suitable for poultry growth, so it can not only effectively control the disease of poultry, but also reduce their irritability and reduce the workload.
Our poultry farm equipment has good performance. In drier areas, regardless of the low temperature of 30 degrees, or high temperature, high humidity weather region, our equipment is still running well, create a suitable temperature and humidity conditions for improvement of the poultry breeding benefit.
The our sale of high-quality poultry farm equipment has brought more open prospects to the poultry market and brought greater and obvious benefits to farmers.
First of all, the sale of poultry farm equipment can save more cost for farmers, and the equipment is made of solid materials and long service life, so that customers can get another layer of guarantee.
Second, easy to customer farm delivery and installation and maintenance, easy to control insect disease, and other common diseases, and the use of poultry equipment for breeding hen house per unit area is far more than the number of traditional way of farming.
Finally, chicken manure can directly down on manure removal equipment, let the hen house dust greatly reduced, through reduce the chance of producing a disease infected feces, greatly reduce the incidence of the chicken, the minimum amount of exercise have limited to animals, reduce energy consumption, save feed, can avoid to improve waste spending levels, stunted chicken significantly reduced, thereby reducing the labor intensity of farmers.
In order to serve customers better, we have implemented an international management system. The company has passed the quality management system certification.
We have a wide distribution network worldwide, which helps us to engage in export sales.
We welcome any enquiries from you, and we will do our best to meet your requirements and ensure that your requirements will be met as soon as possible.