Poultry farming equipment and products supplier

In the past years of poor science and technology, poultry farming was so dirty and tired that many people didn’t want to be involved in poultry farming. But now all the problem poultry farming equipment can be solved for you, to realize poultry farming get rich home is easy.
The popularity of fast food culture has greatly accelerated the poultry farming the rapid development of, poultry farming equipment market is rising, promote more and more large farms replaced the past rural small-scale farmers became the main poultry food markets.
The ventilation equipment for poultry farming is the necessity of mechanical ventilation for airtight chicken coop to solve the problem of ventilation and summer cooling. Mechanical ventilation is provided with two types of air supply and exhaust gas. Air supply ventilation is to force the fresh air into the chicken coop by ventilator, and the inside of the house is pressurized, and the polluted air is removed. Exhaust ventilation is to use the ventilator to force out the dirty air in the chicken house, to create negative pressure inside the house, the fresh air will be entered into the chicken house by air inlet.
Poultry equipment of water supply equipment can be used in feeding flattened chicken crane tower drinking fountain, the drinking fountains by hanging loop the rope hung from the ceiling, the top of the water hose connected to main water pipes, come in the water by controlling the valve into the water dish, both health and water saving.
In used in feeding equipment device manger, steamed with long slot, automatic feeding the feeding machine and chain type feeder feeding, flat chicken can use this way of feeding, feed bucket feed is also available. Chicken feed shallow dish, the shape of the trough affects whether the feed can make full use of.
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