Poultry farming equipment sales suppliers of product prices

Poultry farming equipment is a direct relation to the efficiency of farmers, and many farmers have a disproportionate proportion of breeding equipment and are not eligible. The feeding area tends to be too small, the feeding density is too high, the feed and drinking water trough not enough. It can be said that this is a common problem of chicken farmers, which is also one of the important factors affecting the economic efficiency of breeding.
The quality of the poultry equipment is poor and does not match, the poultry farm equipment is to have the specification and scale requirement. Between each device should match, such ability for normal growth and development of chickens and reasonable flow, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment and operation rate, make the contribution on each bird depreciation cost more reasonable, which can reduce the production cost.
Chicken farming cages is an indispensable equipment. Chicken farmers generally pay more attention to it. However, the quality of chicken coop lacks the ability to discriminate, and tends to low price when buying. The cage is a place for hens to live, produce and sleep. It is important not to ignore the quality, the quality of the cage, the width and the slope of the coop. I was in the same location and witnessed the cages from two manufacturers quality differences, leading to egg production, die number and broken egg rate and so on all have obvious difference, so we buy chicken cage don’t ignore the quality in order to covet is cheap.
According to statistics, there are 22 when the number of raised chicken increases to 5. Five percent of the hens died before 30 day. According to the statistics of production statements I have learned, the density of chicken in the cage has exceeded the specified standard, and the egg production rate is 5% ~ 15% lower than the normal chicken group. Therefore, the selection of chicken equipment can not only be cheap, but also comprehensive consideration of quality.
In poultry production equipment control temperature, humidity, and chicken on the spatial density of is very scientific, reasonable, so the guarantee for the market to provide a larger number of poultry at the same time, can provide more high quality poultry, taste more delicious, taste more sweetness, external appearance more beautiful! Such chicken equipment ensures that the quality of the broiler will bring good benefits to the farmers.
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