Poultry house equipment sales category and suppliers

Hen-house as we know, poultry equipment mainly for the flocks health survival, so no matter what type, what type, when considering layout problem, all want to think poultry life for epidemic prevention, sewage, and for the principle. In particular, the wind and terrain should be taken into account, and the rational distribution of each building in the chicken farm can reduce the occurrence and effective control of the disease.
Poultry chicken cages equipment in the exhaust equipment is suitable for the large-scale chicken farms, as the ventilation inside the hen-house, effectively reduce the temperature inside the hen-house, alleviate the heat inside the hen house, prevent the happening of the various diseases. Reserve side it can be directly installed in the hen house window, and the ventilation window is made of high quality engineering plastic mold forming,  resistance, anti-aging, long service life, and the equipment of fence closed tightly, reasonable structure, open and flexible, effectively prevent the bird insect to enter.
The chicken cage equipment is the main body of chicken raising equipment. Its configuration and structural parameters determine the feeding density, and determine the selection requirements of cleaning, drinking water, feeding and other equipment and the requirements of environmental control equipment. Coop equipment can be divided into the form of the combination full step, half step, laminated type, compound type, peace according to the geometry size can be divided into the deep and shallow type cage type cage, according to the kinds of chicken into laying hens cage, chicken cage and cages; According to the weight of the chicken, it is divided into light chicken cage, medium egg cage and chicken coop.
Poultry farm chicken cage equipment also has a great advantage and characteristic, use the chicken cage of the national standard material, the elasticity is good, do not deform, the life does not droop. Add the perfect double dip galvanizing, make the chicken cage is not born in a few years, the service life can reach more than 12 years. The cage design of science effectively reduces the fatigue degree of chicken in the cage and increases the egg production rate. Reasonable space layout, the accidental death rate of chicken in the cage is 0, the egg failure rate is 0.
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