Premium 4-Tier Layers Cage for Sale in Nigeria Maximize Egg Production

Are you an egg farmer in Nigeria seeking a cost-effective and efficient solution to boost your egg production? Look no further! Our exceptional 4-tier layers cage for sale in Nigeria is meticulously engineered to provide optimal living conditions for your birds, ensuring maximum egg yield and profitability.

Unparalleled Features

Durable Construction: Our high-quality galvanized steel 4-tier layers cage for sale in Nigeria withstands harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs.
Spacious Tiers: Each tier accommodates up to 40 birds, providing ample space for movement and comfort. The tiers are designed with a slight slope to facilitate egg collection.
Automatic Nipple Drinkers: Integrated nipple drinkers ensure a constant supply of clean water, promoting bird health and optimal egg production.

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Feed Troughs: Easily accessible feed troughs run along the length of the cage, ensuring all birds have equal access to nutrition.
Removable Manure Tray: The manure tray slides out smoothly, enabling effortless waste removal and maintaining a hygienic environment.

Benefits of Using Our 4-Tier Layers Cage for Sale in Nigeria

Increased Egg Production: The comfortable and stress-free environment promotes bird health and egg-laying productivity.
Improved Bird Welfare: The spacious tiers and adequate ventilation ensure optimal air circulation, preventing overcrowding and respiratory issues.
Reduced Labor Costs: The automated watering system and removable manure tray significantly reduce labor requirements for daily maintenance.
Enhanced Hygiene: The galvanized steel construction and removable manure tray prevent disease buildup, safeguarding bird health.
Space Optimization: The compact 4-tier design maximizes space utilization, allowing you to house more birds in a limited area.

Why Choose Us?

Factory Direct Sales: We are the manufacturers and suppliers of our cages, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring competitive pricing.
Customization Options: We offer custom cage configurations to meet your specific farm requirements and bird counts.


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Expert Consultation: Our team of poultry experts is available to provide guidance and support throughout your egg production journey.
Spare Parts Availability: We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts to ensure uninterrupted operation of your cages.

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Don’t compromise on egg production or bird welfare. Invest in our premium4-tier layers cage for sale in Nigeria and elevate your poultry operation to new heights of productivity and profitability. Contact us now to place your order and secure your competitive pricing.

Investment Details

Product Name: 4-Tier Layers Cage
Capacity: 160 Birds (4 Tiers x 40 Birds)
Price: Contact us for competitive price layer cage
Delivery Time: Within 4-6 weeks from order confirmation
Installation Support: Optional, contact us for details
Whatsapp us at +86 15824660807 or email us at to schedule a consultation or place your order.

Maximize your egg production and minimize your operational costs with our exceptional 4-Tier Layers Cage. Join the ranks of successful egg farmers in Nigeria and elevate your business to the next level!