Price List of Poultry Equipment for Chicken Farm in Nigeria

A complete set of laying hen farming equipment usually includes chicken houses, breeding cages, feeders and water feeders, temperature and humidity control equipment, lighting equipment, egg collection equipment, and sanitary equipment. In this article, we will talk about these equipments and the Price List of Poultry Equipment for Chicken Farm in Nigeria.

Poultry Equipment for Chicken Farm in Nigeria

Chicken house. The chicken house is the key equipment for laying hen farming, providing a suitable living environment. When choosing a house, consider flock size, material quality and design features. Common house types include floor and cage housing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you should make a decision based on your own situation and needs.

Breeding cages. Breeding cages are used to house laying hens and provide them with a safe and comfortable growing space. When choosing a cage, consider material quality, ventilation and capacity. The right type of cage can improve the growth efficiency and stocking density of chickens.

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Feeders and waterers. Feeders and waterers are used to provide feed and water to layer hens to ensure they are well nourished and hydrated. When selecting feeders and waterers, consider their capacity and degree of automation. Automatic feeding and watering system can reduce labor intensity and improve feeding efficiency.

Temperature and humidity control equipment. These equipment are used to regulate the temperature and humidity of the chicken house to provide a suitable growing environment. When selecting temperature and humidity control equipment, consider local climate conditions and bird needs. The automated temperature and humidity control system can maintain a stable growing environment and improve chicken performance.

Lighting. Layers need proper lighting to maintain circadian rhythms and promote normal growth. When choosing lighting equipment, consider its type, power and exposure time. LED lighting system is a more common choice, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life.

Egg collection equipment. These equipment are used to automatically collect eggs and improve work efficiency. When choosing egg collection equipment, consider its degree of automation and collection efficiency. Automated egg collection system can reduce manual operation and egg damage, improve collection efficiency and egg quality.

Sanitation equipment. This includes cleaning tools, sanitation equipment and waste disposal units etc. to keep the house clean and hygienic. When choosing sanitary equipment, consider its functionality and ease of operation. Maintaining good sanitation is essential to prevent disease and improve bird health.

Price List of Poultry Equipment in Nigeria

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