Price of Automated Layer Cages in South Africa for 15000 Birds

Are you a poultry farmer looking for automated layer cages in South Africa? Are you looking for the factory price of automated layer cages in South Africa? In this article, we will explore a project involving 15000 laying hens in South Africa. If you are interested in implementing a similar project or have any questions, feel free to leave us a message for consultation.

Project of Automated Layer Cages in South Africa for 15000 Birds

In September this year, a South African chicken farmer just received his 15000 automated layer cages equipment.

This South African chicken farmer originally raised 5000 laying hens. This time he want to expand the scale and automation of the chicken farm. So he ordered 15000 automated layer cage equipment from us. Below is the poultry project solution we designed for him?

Chicken house size: 75M*7M*3.5M
Chicken cage specifications: H-type laying hen cage, 1200*625*480mm, 144 birds per group
Chicken cage order quantity: 104 sets for 14,976 laying hens
Other automation equipment ordered: 2 sets of traveling feeding systems + 2 sets of automatic egg collecting equipment + 2 sets of flat belt manure cleaning systems + 1 set of environmental control system

Since each chicken farmer’s needs and chicken house conditions are different, the price will be different. If you want to know more accurate prices, please contact us to provide you with free specific solutions and quotations.

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