Price of poultry layer chicken cages for sale in Kenya

Layer chicken cages, also known as poultry layer cages, are chicken cages specially designed for laying hens. It is used to raise laying hens aged 12 weeks or over 16 weeks. The biggest advantage of laying hen cages is to increase the breeding density. At the same time, the egg production rate can be increased to 98%, and it is very convenient to collect eggs through the automatic egg collection system. Now, in order to obtain greater economic benefits, the vast majority of poultry farmers in Kenya, are using poultry cages to raise layer hens.

Hot sale poultry layer chicken cages in Kenya

We are LIVI Machinery, a Chinese poultry equipment supplier with 30 years experience. We provide commercial chicken cages for sale in Kenya, including A type layer cages and H type layer cages. Our laying hen cages are all made of hot dip galvanized wire, the diameter of the steel wire is 2.3mm to 3.6mm, and the quality of our chicken cage is very good. Regarding the laying hen cages, I believe everyone is most concerned about the egg production rate and egg breaking rate. Just like what I said at the beginning, the egg production rate of the layer cages we provide in Kenya can reach at least 98%. In addition, our layer chicken cages pay great attention to details, the surface treatment is very smooth, and the broken egg rate can be controlled below two thousandths.

The picture below is a detailed photo of our layer chicken cage.

chicken layer cage detail

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In addition to the high quality of our layer chicken cages, they can also be equipped with different degrees of automation. We provide automatic poultry farming equipment in Kenya , including automatic drinking water system, feeding system, egg collection system, manure cleaning system and environmental control system. Equipped with automated poultry equipment, it can help you better improve the work efficiency and management efficiency of the chicken farm. It can help you save more manpower and time costs, and bring you greater profits.

Affordable chicken cage price in Kenya

At present, the price of chicken cages on the market is actually the same in Kenya . The chicken cage price mainly depends on its own quality and the quantity you need to buy. We can guarantee that the quality of layer chicken cages we provided in Kenya is top in the poultry industry. And we have our own factory, can offer you affordable factory price. The number of chicken cages you need to buy depends largely on how many chickens you have.

There is no need to buy chicken cages if you are just raising a few chickens in a backyard lot. However, if you have your own farm or you are planning to start your own poultry farm business, you can calculate the number of chicken cages you need based on your farming volume. In general, A type layer cages can be divided into 3-5 layers, and the commonly used specifications are 90 birds/set, 120 birds/set, and 160 birds/set. H type laying hen cages can be divided into 3-8 layers, and can breed 144 birds/set to 384 birds/set. Of course, if you have special needs, we have professional designers who can provide you with customized services.

In addition, it should be noted that the prices of different degrees of automation equipment are also different. The specific depends on your needs.

layer chicken cage size

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A project of chicken cages for sale in Kenya

Just today, we just received a payment from a customer from Nairobi in Kenya. He bought chicken cages and supporting automated poultry equipment that can raise 60000 laying hens from us.

We received the email from this customer at the end of January. He was planning to expand his chicken farm at the time, planning to increase the breeding capacity of 60,000 laying hens. He was very interested in seeing our layer cages for sale in Kenya on our website, so he took the initiative to leave us a message about his target breeding volume, and asked if it could be shipped to Nairobi. Our staff quickly contacted the customer and told him that we have layer chicken cages for sale in Nairobi. Customers are very satisfied with our service. After full understanding and communication, our staff made a professional design plan and quotation for the customer.And the customer finally decided to buy 375 sets of layer cages from our company.

The following is the scheme design of this project:

Cage Type: H type, 5 tier, 2 door, 160 birds/set.

Chicken Cage Layout: 5 rows/house, 75 sets/row, 375 sets/house.

Chicken House Size: 100M*15M*4.5M.

Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 60000 birds/house.

60000 birds layer chicken cages order list:

1. H Frame battery layer cage system: 375 sets in total.

2. Automatic feeding machine: 5 sets, Trolley type, 1 set per row.

3. Belt manure removing system: 5 sets, one set per row.

4. Automatic egg collecting system: 5 sets, one set per row.

4. Ventilation system: 1 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and samll side windows.

5. Automatic environmental controlling system: 1 set.

In Conclusion

Please allow me to introduce our company again. We are LIVI Machinery, supply chicken cages for sale in Kenya for 30 years. Every year, a large number of Kenyan customers buy our poultry equipment, including chicken farmers from Nakuru and Nairobi.We supply hot dip galvanized commercial chicken layer cages in Kenya. The quality of the chicken cage is guaranteed and can be used for up to 20 years. If you are interested in our chicken layer cages, please feel free to leave us a message.