Problems and solutions exist in the use of laying egg hens breeding

Poultry markets now laying hens industry has been fully upgraded to mechanization, automation, intelligent equipment system to complete, but the equipment application still has some problems, the solution of these problems is not achieved overnight, but need us to solve them one by one.
When selecting automatic feeding equipment, it is necessary to combine the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feeding equipment of chain feeding equipment is uniform and the dust production is less, but the failure rate and accessory cost are relatively high, and these indicators should be weighed.
Driving type feeding equipment economic, simple and uniform feeding, suited to the market situation, chain feeding device is suitable for cultivation, twisted dragon type feeding device for feeding velocity, stress, feeding evenly control is better.
In fact, there are now some automatic feeding system is equipped with automatic feeding device, it not only can ensure the uniform feeding, can also reduce the labor intensity of artificial feeding, but kick-out device when meeting a feather can cause congestion, need our further improvement.
Drinking water cups in an automated drinking water supply can prevent chickens from getting wet while drinking water, but drinking glasses should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding. The water tank in the middle of the chicken coop is mainly used for the replacement of the nipple, and it should be cleaned regularly.
In addition, many chicken farms are used to the use of drugs in poultry drinking water, but the powder will be blocked by the filter and affect the effect of the drug. The strainer needs to be washed regularly, and the waterline should be cleaned regularly, but not strong acid or strong base. The length of the waterline is easy to deform during long use or seasonal variation, and is related to the quality of the waterline, and also to ensure the installation is in place.
Finally, we need to know in poultry production automation equipment investment to one pace the designated position, want to good planning and design, step by step, and automation equipment selection should consider the actual production needs, equipment automation must be automated, because of the high labor costs in the future will be more and more, so in order to save labor costs, improve the benefit of farmers, must be use poultry farming equipment.