Production of chicken feed equipment in poultry farming

Farming breeding poultry feed production equipment not only improves the palatability of poultry digestion and absorption function, shorten the fattening period of livestock and poultry, effectively guarantee the production cost of the broad masses of farmers. Suitable for chicken feed processing. It is the ideal equipment to reduce the cost and improve the economic benefit.
Poultry feed production equipment has many advantages, the first feed dry into dry out, don’t need to add water (or simply add a small amount of water), and in the process under the extrusion machinery itself, can make a certain degree of role in feed, improves the palatability of feed, and easy to eat. And the process can save the feed from waste. Resist the degeneration of feed, reduce the adverse effects on poultry digestion, can kill various parasitic worm eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce various parasitic diseases and digestive tract diseases.

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Poultry feed production equipment is more convenient in the actual feeding, with high utilization rate, easy to control the feeding quantity, save feed, clean and hygienic. Traditional feed equipment is generally used to feed and feed the feed, and it is not convenient to feed, poor fit, poor domestic poultry and low utilization rate. With the introduction and popularization of new feed production equipment, it is now convenient to process the feed. It can easily adjust the feed, its structure is simple, the floor area is small, the noise is low, suitable for small and medium-sized farmers to use. The equipment also has the characteristics of long service life, reasonable structure and strong durability.
Farming equipment automation development have been put forward as early as a few years ago, however, aquaculture feed production equipment also can contribute to sustainable development is in the process of equipment used in recent years gradually realized by people. Using aquaculture feed production equipment can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, aquaculture environment improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the drug use, is advantageous to the hen house control.