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Livi broiler cages belong to the multi tier broiler colony system, which is maximum in the production of broilers with outstanding meat quality. The main advantages of the broiler cages show in the efficient and labor-saving broiler production.

Broiler chicken cages

Size: 1400*700*430 mm
Weight: 48/64 kg
System: automatic
Material: high quality Q235 steel


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Manufactured with the advanced and the latest technologies, and the excellent design, Livi broiler cages can provide the hygienic environment and reduce the morality rate of the broilers. Therefore, in our customers’ poultry farm, the maximum growth of broilers and the uniform broiler flock with premium meat quality necessarily can be achieved by using broiler chicken cages from Livi industry. The perfect environment of broilers cages in Livi industry can ensure more cycles of broilers per year, which means more profits for customers. Meanwhile, the high stocking density of broilers can save labor and resource significantly.

Layout of main feeding system

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Generally, the broiler cages from Livi industry – poultry farming cages supplier, often are equipped with poultry feeders and drinkers, which ensures broilers always have enough fresh water and feed in every compartment, which plays an important role in the raising of broilers. And the poultry feeder and drinker can reduce the waste of water and feed. The sustainable and adjustable LED lighting can provide perfect light at the suitable to promote the broiler growth. The broiler cage system can be monitored clearly by poultry management system to know the rearing conditions of broilers. If necessary, customers using the broiler cages for sale can know the problems immediately and solve the problems as soon as possible.

Feeding pan

a: It have 14 grid and 16 grid feeding pan, diameter is 360mm, pure plastic material.
b: It can adjust feed amount in Pan easily and effectively.
c: It is easy and convenient to clean.
d: Sub feeding line pipe: Hot galvanized pile, Diameter: 45mm ( usually 3-4 feeding hole on pipe).


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Layout Explanation (Unit: mm)


H type broiler chicken cage: 1050*800*420 mm
Chicken shed inner size: 70M*11M*3.5 M
3 rows/ shed, 58 sets of chicken cages/ row, 174sets totally
Chicken quantity: 27840pcs of layers in total



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The characteristics of the Livi broiler battery cages in the poultry farm:

1. Livi broiler cage can be both A-Frame broiler cages and H-Frame stacked broiler cages, which can be designed in the standard size or according to the customers’ requirements.

broiler chicken cages

2. Broiler cages from Livi industry are not the same during the different breeding processes of broilers: broiler pullet cages, broiler breeder cages and broiler battery cages, which can make the living condition be more suitable for the broilers and greatly promote the growth of broilers.

3. Livi broiler cages are designed to adapt to the weight, the size and the shape of the broilers and satisfy the different growing requirements in different life cycles of broilers, which is quite beneficial to the broilers.

4. Generally, the broiler cages are manufactured in the standard cage size. However, in order to meet some customers’ demands, other cage sizes are also available for Livi industry.

5. Livi broiler cage wire with galvanized steel is anti-corrosive, which prolongs the service life of the broiler poultry cages and avoids the disease occurrence of broiler.

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