Broiler Battery Cages

Livi broiler battery cages system

Livi H-type boiler battery cages to complete sets of equipment, it is possible that raise chickens becomes achieve industrialization and large-scale. Broiler battery cages belong to the multi tier broiler colony system, which is maximum in the production of broilers with outstanding meat quality. The main advantages of the broiler cages show in the efficient and labor-saving broiler production.

Compared with the broiler free-ranging, the use of high-density farming, the same land can raise more chickens, easy to wash and disinfect the chicken coop every year more batches of chickens. Chicken and manure belt does not contact, chicken manure regularly cleaned, lower ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases can improve the feeding environment of the poultry house to reduce the incidence of poultry disease.

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The features of automatic broiler battery cage

  1. Easily operate and durable life.
  2. Cold or hot galvanizing Zinc can be choose.
  3. Broiler equipment could feed the broiler from one day old to about 42days.
  4. Compared with deep litter system, the boiler battery cage system can save large space.
  5. To lessen the loss of feed wastage, the design of broiler battery cage is modified.

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Broiler battery cages feeding system

Livi provides for you sowing mode and hopper trolley mode two options for feed supply. ( hot galv., zinc layer 275g/?)

Advantage for sowing type feed supply: simple and efficient structure, lower price, more suitable for newly built poultry house.

Advantage foe hopper trolley feed loading: compact structure, smooth and accurate feed drop. It takes up smaller space, which will not interfere with lights drooping arrangement. Its application requires less of poultry house floor flatness.

Integral controlled water supply lifting system, quality reliable and leakage proof. This system reduces the labor intensity and avoid drinking line damage caused by operation failure.

The broiler cage system can be monitored clearly by poultry management system to know the rearing conditions of broilers. Please feel free to give your inquiry in any time. We will reply you in 24 hours. Thanks very much.