Broiler Harvesting Cages suppliers in china

Broiler Harvesting Cages

Broiler Harvesting Cages Manufacturers – Quality Livi Broiler Cages

Lilian broiler harvesting cages are one kind of broiler cages mainly designed to rear the broiler chickens for the meat production. So, most importantly, the maximum growth and a uniform broiler flock with premium meat quality should be firstly taken into consideration when designing the broiler harvesting cages. The poultry harvesting cages for broilers from Lilian industry have high bird density and smart harvesting methods, which results in significant labour savings and greater meat production.

Lilian broiler harvesting cages are manufactured by combining the advantages of poultry cages and the advanced technologies and have created the ideal conditions for the growing of the broiler chickens to promote the growing of broilers. In the poultry cages for broiler chickens, every square meter of floor, there are almost more than 130kg of meat during one life cycle. And the broiler harvesting system has more than three decks and it is possible to save space and increase production capacity. The broiler harvesting cages reduce the waste of water and promote the feed conversion greatly. Lilian broiler harvesting cages provide enough fresh and hygienic water and enough feed to satisfy all broilers’ growth. The broiler harvesting cage can guarantee the high broiler stocking density, which means higher profitability for customers.

Broiler Harvesting Cages suppliers in china

Broiler Harvesting Cages manufacturer

china broiler harvesting cages for sale


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