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Broiler Pullet Cages

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Livi broiler pullet cages are one kind of broiler cages and mainly suitable for rearing the broiler pullet chickens. The broiler pullet cage can provide the foundation for a healthy and productive broiler flock. From the day one, the chicks are moved into the broiler pullet cages. During their 18th weeks of life, the chicks are moved out of the broiler pullet cages. During this period, the boiler chicks in the broiler chicken farming should have an easy access to get enough feed and fresh water to promote pullet growing.

broiler pullet cage
broiler pullet cage

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Main details about Livi broiler pullet cages

1. Livi chicken cages are mainly included by two types, A type frame cage and vertical H type frame cage. The two type cages are applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type).
baby chicken cage types
2. The materials of chicken cages are Q235steel. The U-shaped steel frame is solid enough to support the cages
3. High density multi-tier chicken cages reduces the land usage.
4. The Livi broiler pullet cages can save fodder and water, reduce the egg broken rate and poultry manure pollution.
5. Our broiler cages adopt electrostatic spraying treatment. Compared with traditional metal plating process, electrostatic spraying process is much more environmental friendly and anti-corrosive; the coating with silky appearance is self-cleaning, which can greatly reduce the infection rate of chicken disease.

Specifications of Livi broiler baby chicken cages-breeding system:

baby chicken cage system
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The broiler pullets in broiler pullet cages require specific conditions: special mode of feeding, special conditions of the micro-climate, the adapted cage equipment, etc. Manufactured with durable ant-corrosive materials, the broiler pullet cages can last longer, remain cleaner, free from impurities and undesirable substances, providing the optimal environment. The clean and hygienic environment in the broiler pullet cage system guarantees less chicken disease and greater broiler stocking density.

broiler pullet cages manufacturer

broiler pullet cages suppliers in china

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Depending on the customers’ specific needs, the feed chain of the chain feeding system can be adjusted to provide a consistent and reliable supply of feed. According to the size of the broiler pullets, the drinker line of the poultry drinking systems in the broiler pullet cages can be adjusted in height. The drinker line is elevated as broiler pullet grows, providing an adequate water supply from day one. Broiler pullet cages manufactured by Livi industry in China stand out for its unsurpassed quality and reliability. There are other poultry equipment for you choose, welcome to contact us!

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