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Layer Cages for Sale – Poultry Cages from Livi Industry

Livi layer cages are a kind of poultry laying cage system for the laying chicken, which is primarily for the goal of achieving maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining the quality. The multiple tiers design of Livi layer cage enables customers to achieve higher stocking density of layers. Layer chicken cages from Livi industry has advantages of exceptional strength and durability, the ideal angle for the roll out of eggs without obstructions to reduce the broken eggs, and being manufactured with anti-corrosive galvanized steel of all steel components.

Egg layer cages


Type: A type and H type layer chicken cages
A type: 1950*350*380mm
H type: 1950*500*430mm
Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel.
Tiers: 3 or 4 layers; 4or 5 doors, according to your need.
Cage frame: U-shaped steel bar

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Livi layer cages have the following advantages:

1. Chicken layer cage for sale consists of two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type).

layer chicken cage types

2. Livi poultry layer cages are manufactured with anti-corrosive galvanized steel and wire cage partitions, providing the hygienic and clean environment for layers.

3. Higher stocking density, greater egg production and cost saving adapt for extensive poultry farmers who are plan to buy cage for layers.

4. Easy cleaning and installation, low maintenance and little manure marks. The high performance of egg laying cages for sale save manpower and gives chickens comfortable environment to live.

5. Livi chicken cages for layers make the inspection of layers easier, because the poultry layer cage provides a good view of the laying chicken.

6. Standard poultry equipment for Livi layer cages: cages for laying hens, poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, egg collection system, poultry manure removal system and poultry climate control system.

7. The complete poultry climate control system makes the living environment moderate and provides good ventilation for each tier. The ventilation of layer battery cage also has the positive impact on the manure drying process.

8. With the full width sliding doors, the layer battery cages offers the access and visibility for laying chickens.

Specifications of Livi layer cages:

layer chicken cage system

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Livi layer cages are manufactured mainly in two types: A-Frame layer cage and H-Frame stacked layer cages. A-Frame layer cages from Livi are manufactured with a larger cage area, allowing for higher stocking density of layers per cage and more space per layer, which can provide the optimal environment for laying chickens. Because the higher egg production rates of poultry cages for layers needs the comfort and health of the layers. Livi H-Frame stacked layer cages are manufactured with greater height and wire cage partitions, allowing air to flow freely throughout the cages to create the optimal environment for the hens to lay eggs.

a type layer cages

h type egg layers cages for sale

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There are a set of automatic equipment with our farm layer battery cages for sale, including the automatic egg collecting system, poultry control shed system, automatic poultry watering systems, poultry litter removal equipment and automatic chicken feeding system. One complete automatic system could help poultry farmers to save time and manpower and raise money.

Automatic Egg collector

First, after chickens lay eggs, the egg will roll on egg picking belt. Then, with the egg picking belt circling, the egg could be moved to egg picking equipment. Finally, the egg can be put in the egg plate safely.

egg collecting system

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According to the life cycles of the laying chickens, Livi layer chicken cages can be pullet cages, breeder cages and harvesting cages.  Our layer cage design is warmly welcomed by our customers. Livi industry designs the chicken cages for layers in the principle of maximally adapting to the life cycles of layers and providing the optimum micro-environment for per laying chicken, which means the greater egg production.

battery layer cage system

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Livi Industry is one of the most professional layer cages manufacturers in China. With many years development, Livi has become the leading company in poultry business. Our layer cages price are lower than them in the same industry. Welcome to come China to visit our factory!

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