baby chicken cage

Layer Pullet Cages

Quality Layer Pullet Cages for Sale in China – Livi Industry

Livi industry manufactures the layer pullet cages with high quality, which are the optimal and economical system for rearing layers from 0-16 weeks. Livi layer cages for pullet have superior performance, because this kind of poultry cage is manufactured with solid and durable anti-corrosive materials and innovative designs. The layer pullet cage provides the best environment for optimal body development of layer pullet chickens.

baby chicken cage
baby chicken cage

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Livi layer pullet cages are the best systems which offer customers the smooth transition of the pullets from the rearing to the chicken cages for laying eggs. The layer baby chicken cages and laying cages should be similar to make the layer chicken adapt to the new environment easily and quickly. The layer pullet cages provide the optimal condition for layer chicks, which makes the uniform distribution of layer chicks. During the growing of layer pullet, both the drinker line and feeder line can be adjusted to the appropriate height to make layer pullet get water and feed easily and reduce the waste. Layer pullet cages from Livi industry offer customers the ideal layer pullet rearing according to different customers’ requirements.

china layer pullet cages for sale
layer pullet cages for sale

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Details of baby chicken cage of Livi Machinery

1. Chicken cages mainly includes two types, A type and vertical H type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type).

baby chicken cage types 2. This kind of chicken cages are made of Q235steel. The U-shaped steel frame is solid enough to support the cages.
3. High density multi-tier chicken cages can reduce the use of land.
4. The layer pullet cages can save fodder and water, reduce the rate of egg broken, and reduce poultry manure pollution.
5. Our cages adopt electrostatic spraying treatment. Compared with traditional metal plating process, electrostatic spraying process is much more environmental friendly and anticorrosive; the coating with silky appearance is self-cleaning, which can greatly reduce the infection rate of chicken disease.

Specifications of Livi baby chicken cages-breeding system:

baby chicken cage system 

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