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Poultry Feeding System

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Livi poultry feeding system is designed to work effectively with the poultry cage systems and distribute the feed throughout the poultry cages smoothly, which can achieve excellent feed conversion, reliable operation and more profits with its many advantages. The automatic poultry feeding system from Livi industry can be applied to many kinds of poultry cage systems to supply feed for chickens. Livi provides you automatic feeding system for poultry with the characteristics of innovations, features and maintenance-free reliability.

automatic chicken feeding system
automatic chicken feeding system

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Livi poultry feeding system is full automatic and includes two types: H frame chain feeding cage system and A type automatic feeding system. The poultry feeding systems from Livi industry are mainly composed of feed bin, feed hopper, drive unit, feed chain, feed trough and so on. The Livi feeding system of poultry is available in a wide variety of sizes and types to make feed conversion greater.

automatic feeding system
automatic feeding system

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The height of feeding system for poultry from Livi industry can be changed with the chickens: low when they are small and high at the end of the production period, which is based on that there is only a small amount of feed in the poultry feeder so that the feed is quickly eaten, spillage is at a minimum and the feed is always fresh. In this way, the automatic poultry feeding system can reduce the waste of feed and save the costs.

poultry feeding system
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Features of Poultry Feeding System from Livi Industry:

1. Livi poultry feeding systems are made of high quality and durable materials

2. With a charged feed line, the poultry feeding system from Livi industry can ensure that there’s feed in every pan when the system starts, which makes the chicken can always get enough feed at every part of the poultry cage systems.

3. Livi poultry feeding system possesses lower power consumption and requires less maintenance.

4. Livi poultry feeding systems mix the feed in the feed hopper and feed trough evenly and then distribute the feed evenly.

5. The lower poultry feeder edge allows a chicken to have an access to the feed from its first days and provide uniform nutrition for every chicken, which can keep a consistent supply of feed and save feed.

6. Livi poultry feeding systems can accurately measure feed throughout the grow-out cycle of chickens and help to eliminate risk of chicken injury. Adjust the feed in the feeding system for poultry whenever necessary.

7. The poultry feeding system is easy at assembling and cleaning.

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