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Poultry Management System for Sale – Livi Poultry Farming Equipment

Livi poultry management system is a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry house: climate, temperature, feed, drinking, weighing and ventilation. The poultry farm management system from Livi machinery is intelligent electrical cabinet system, which is an automatic system and especially suitable for the standard poultry cage system. The electrical cabinet aims to control the lateral exhaust fans, longitudinal exhaust fans, cooling pads, pumps, feed conversion and so on. The automatic process of electrical cabinet is labor saving. As the electrical cabinet is simple to operate and runs stably, it can satisfy the big scale poultry farms well.

electric cabinet for sale in china

The best poultry management system in Livi industry is equipped with display unit and it is a big touch screen. The straightaway and vivid icons of electrical cabinet are simple to operate and make the condition of poultry cage system easy to glance. According to the standard configuration, the intelligent electrical cabinet can be set into English or Chinese according to customers’ needs. The security performance of the electrical cabinet is vital and can be guaranteed by the levels of password. Without permit, the password of electrical cabinet should not be changed.

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The extension module can be added to the poultry management systems to upgrade this system when the standard configuration cannot meet the demands of some customers. The process of adding extension module to poultry farm management system can be realized manually or non-manually. All of the changes in adding process will be recorded by software for finding easily. Through date stored in the U disk, customers also can install programme for the quality poultry management system.

Poultry Management System supplier

Besides, the screen demonstration plays an important role in the poultry management system. The data of environment and production process on the screen can be switched easily. Such function helps customer scan the production situation easily and make it in high efficiency.

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