Project of 25000 Layer cage for sale in Philippines

Are you looking for a reliable layer cage supplier in Philippines ? good news! We have laying hen cages for sale in Philippines for 30 years. We can provide you with high quality laying hen cages to ensure the success of your farming industry.

The farming industry in the Philippines has great potential and development opportunities. The unique climatic conditions and abundant natural resources of the Philippines provide an ideal environment for laying hen farming. At the same time, the demand for high-quality laying hen products in the Philippine market is also very strong. Choosing our Philippine layer hen cage project can not only meet the market demand, but also bring rich economic benefits to your breeding industry.

High quailty layer cage for sale in Philippines

First of all, let’s take a look at our layer cage. We use the most advanced technology and high-quality materials to manufacture layer cages to ensure that the structure is stable and durable, and can provide a comfortable living environment for the layer hens. The layer cage for sale in Philippines is unique in design and has a multi-layer structure, which effectively saves the breeding site, and at the same time provides sufficient space for each laying hen.

Our layer cages are also equipped with an advanced automated breeding management system, which can monitor and control factors such as temperature, humidity, drinking water and feed supply in the chicken house. These intelligent systems can increase egg production rate, reduce labor costs, and provide a stable and good growing environment. Our Philippine layer cage items are suitable for farms of all sizes, whether you are a novice farmer or an experienced expert, you can easily operate and manage layer cages.

25,000 layer cage project in Philippines

A few days ago, our account manager went to the Philippines to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition, a customer decided to buy a layer cage for 25,000 layer hens from us on the spot.
This client is a very experienced chicken farmer who already has a 50,000-scale chicken farm. He currently wants to expand his farm, so he came to the exhibition to find a suitable chicken cage supplier. Because our products are at the exhibition site, customers can see them directly. He is very satisfied with the quality of our layer cages, as well as our materials and processing techniques. After some communication, the customer decided to buy our 25,000 layer cages
The final recommended solution for the client is as follows?

25000 birds layer chicken cages order list:

  1. H Frame battery layer cage system: 174 sets in total.
  2. Automatic feeding machine: 3 sets, Trolley type, 1 set per row.
  3. Belt manure removing system: 3 sets, one set per row.
  4. Automatic egg collecting system: 3 sets, one set per row.
  5. Ventilation system: 1 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and samll side windows.
  6. Automatic environmental controlling system: 1 set.

The successful transaction of 25,000 laying hen cages at the exhibition in the Philippines is not only the recognition of our products and services, but also the result of our focus on customer needs. We are well aware of the potential and market size of the Philippine farming industry, so we are committed to providing the best solutions to help farmers obtain the greatest economic benefits.

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Advantages of our layer cage project in Philippines

Choose our Philippine layer chicken cage project, you will enjoy the following advantages:

High quailty product: Our layer cage for sale in Philippines are made of high-quality materials with a solid and durable structure. Every detail has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable and safe living environment for the laying hens, and to maximize the growth and laying capacity of the laying hens.

Advanced automated management system: Our layer cage for sale in Philippines are equipped with an advanced automated breeding management system, which can realize intelligent monitoring and control of factors such as temperature, humidity, drinking water and feed supply. This not only improves farming efficiency, but also reduces labor costs, saving you time and energy.

Customized services for customers: We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so we provide customized services. Regardless of the size of your farm, we can design and provide the most suitable laying hen cages solution according to your requirements. Our professional team will work with you to ensure the smooth operation of your farming project.

All-round technical support: Behind our transaction of 25,000 laying hen cages at the exhibition in the Philippines, there is an experienced team. Our experts will provide you with a full range of technical support and training to ensure that you can skillfully operate and manage layer cages to their full potential.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for layer cage for sale in Philippines and looking for an experienced and reliable supplier, we will be your best choice. Our laying hen cages will provide you with an efficient breeding environment and advanced breeding management system to help you succeed.

Please contact us now to know more about the Philippine layer cage project. We look forward to cooperating with you and creating the brilliance in the breeding field together!