Hot sales of egg layer chicken cage equipment for laying hens

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards continue to increase, the demand for eggs is also growing, so for farmers, how to choose poultry laying hens way has become a problem, and today we come together discuss about the egg chicken cage equipment.

Most farmers choose egg layer chicken cage equipment 

In most chicken farms, chicken farmers choose to use layer chicken cages to produce eggs. Egg layer chicken cage is rearing laying hens, after pullet growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks transport them to layer cage. Next ,we will state the advantages of using egg layer chicken cage over rearing laying hens on the floor.

Firstly, the use of egg layer chicken cage equipment to raise layers has great benefits. It can effectively control the environment and is not susceptible to external adverse factors ,like high temperature, high cold, strong wind, heavy rain, so that the chickens can grow healthily in a good environment.

Secondly,egg layer chicken cage is highly automated, saving land resources and saving labour. According to the layer egg production requirements, according to the growth and development rules of layers, the layers can be provided with good environmental conditions to ensure the healthy growth of the chickens.

Thirdly,the egg layer chicken cage chicken farm adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to the control of disease and disease, is conducive to drug residue control, and has created conditions for the realization of layer health and safety requirements. Layer eggs are of good quality, are conducive to export, improve market competitiveness, and provide protection for effective response to foreign technical barriers.

So most farmers using egg layer chicken cage?it is currently the direction to achieve intensive, standardized, efficient and high quality layer breeding.

egg layer chicken cages

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How to choose egg layer chicken cage

First of all, let us teach you how to choose a good breeding egg cage. First, according to the bottom of the egg cage to receive egg design point of view, then according to the distance between the bottom of the chicken cages, third, depending on the material of the cage and the height, span and length of the building, finally depending on the age and breed of chicken, special attention should also be paid to the connection between the cage and the net.
Our company is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of poultry cage equipment with advanced technology, high-quality steel and perfect technology, our company has been praised and trusted by customers.
With the popularity of egg chicken cage patterns, the purchase of chicken cages becomes the most important issue. In order to further raise the standardization of breeding and effectively solve the problems such as the difficulty of purchasing chicken farms and the pressure of environmental pollution, the market vigorously promotes the cage mode.
The high level of automation of egg cages equipment can be used together with egg collecting system, cleaning manure system and driving feeding system.
Reasonable cage for egg farmers save equipment investment, improve labor productivity, improve the laying rate, high stocking density, saving land and reducing mortality.

egg layer cages for sale

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Two different types of egg layer cage for sale

A type egg layer cages for sale is a very popular chicken cage in the market, and the price is relatively reasonable . Our A type layer cages are made of hot dip galvanized wire. The advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance can make it use for 20 years without replacement. And our A type layer cages can be made with 3 to 5 tiers, providing you with the possibility to make better use of the space in the chicken house. It is more suitable for poultry houses with less than 30000 birds. It can also realize automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic manure cleaning, automatic egg retrieval, automatic environmental control, etc.

H type egg layer cages for sale are suitable for large scale chicken farms. H type laying hen cages have a higher breeding density than A type cages. It recommended for poultry farms with more than 30,000 birds.The number of layers can be from 3 layers to 8 tiers. Fully automated control greatly improves work efficiency . As a typical battery cage, H type layer cages are accepted by more and more livestock farms. Vertically stacked cages save more floor space, increase the number of rearing, reduce labor and management costs, and finally bring considerable profits to chicken farmers.

The following are some commonly sold specifications of two different type of egg layer cages:

TypeDoorBirds/doorBirds/setCell sizeCage size
LayersA Type 3 tier5390390*350*380mm1950*350*380mm
A Type 4 tier53120390*350*380mm1950*350*380mm
A Type 4 tier54160390*450*410mm1950*450*410mm
H Type 4 tier29144600*625*480mm1200*625*480mm
H Type 4 tier46192450*600*430mm1800*600*430mm
H Type 5 tier46240450*600*430mm1800*600*430mm
Egg layer cages specification

In conclusion

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