Layer Cages For Sale in Zambia – 5440 birds Layer Cages Shipped to Zambia

In January 2024, we just sent a batch of layer cages for sale in Zambia for 5,440 laying hens. Below, we will share the detailed process of this project.

5440 birds Layer Cages Shipped to Zambia

This Zambian chicken farmer comes from the capital Lusaka. She owns a farm with 2,000 laying hens. In order to expand the income of the chicken farm, she decided to purchase a batch of modern laying hen cage equipment.
LIVI has been selling laying hen cages in Zambia for 30 years. Through practical testing, the quality of the chicken cages can withstand the local environment and climate. We recommended the A-type laying hen cage that most people choose for her. Since her chicken house is only 2.8M high, we recommended that she use a 3-layer laying hen cage. In addition, we also recommended scraper-type fecal removal equipment for her. Because the house is open, no environmental control equipment is recommended.

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Now, 5,440 laying hen cage equipment has been successfully loaded onto the truck. Now this batch of poultry equipment is on its way to Zambia, and I hope this chicken farmer can receive her chicken coop as soon as possible and help her chicken farm earn better profits.

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