Use and characteristics of poultry manure removal system

At present, the large-scale cultivation of chicken is becoming more and more common, and many farms are gradually becoming mechanized. However, the large amount of fecal cleaning and duplication is one of the key issues that must be addressed by the farm. In order to reduce manpower participation and improve the cleaning efficiency, it is necessary to design and develop poultry manure removal equipment. Nowadays, we have studied many different kinds of manure removal equipment for poultry farming, and the most representative and practical economy is the scraper type manure removal machine. The following is a brief introduction to the application and features of the small manure removal equipment which is generally applicable to chicken farms.
Poultry manure removal machinery plays an important role in mechanized chicken production. Poultry manure removal because not only can greatly reduce labor intensity, make indoor maintain good air environment, reduce the incidence of disease, but also can effectively influence the chicken production, increase economic efficiency, so to mechanization of chickens, blowing a dung mechanical system must have a good performance, this is one of the most important question.
Poultry manure removal system can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, arbitrary time Settings, easy operation, automatic manual arbitrary conversion, power transmission, increase friction, powerful, board design, automatic scraper, release plate is adjustable, friction small, manure removal clean.
Poultry manure removal working principle of the system is by the gear motor output shaft will transmit the power via chain wheel drive to traction machine Lord rope wheel, by the rope wheel and the extrusion friction between traction rope get the traction force, thus promote scraper device manure removal operations.
The equipment adopts the form of double rope wheel drive. The scraper device USES the friction force automatically to lift, the scraper automatically drops when working, and the scraper automatically raises when it returns.
Manure removal system pause with excellent national standard cycloidal reducer, greenhouses manure removal machine, ensure the rationality of the output ratio, motor and reducer direct type small volume, simple operation, with special material manufacturing thickening scraper ensures manure removal machine long using life, scraper by high precision machine tool manufacturing forming, never deformation.
Manure removal system is centralized management to save resources, reduce costs, reduce the risk of poultry, make the inner air good key, our company is committed to customer needs, design meet the requirements of different customers.