Use of poultry farm automation equipment

Poultry farming automatic equipment production of complete sets of equipment now has entered the golden age of rapid development, and poultry farming industry upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent system to complete the equipment, and complete sets of equipment technology in the application is an important issue which the majority of farmers need to learn.
In the actual production of poultry farming production, some enterprises and farmers have no basis to follow when choosing the chain, driving type and hinged feeding equipment. How to choose? How can automatic feeding system ensure uniform feeding? Will the feed stored in the tower during the hot summer period deteriorate? Whether the bulk truck can support measuring equipment.
When selecting poultry farming feeding equipment, it is necessary to combine the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feeding equipment of chain feeding equipment is uniform, and the dust generation is less, but the cost of accessories is relatively high, and these indicators should be weighed by farmers.
The noise of the poultry farming feeding equipment is relatively small, and the crushing degree of feed is low when used. Each chicken can be used to save 5-10 grams of feed, and it can also stimulate the intake of chickens. It is better to use chain feeding system, because the feeding quantity is well controlled, and it is not restricted by the length of chicken coop.
Fan, ventilator, water and environmental control equipment includes controller, etc., for winter hen-house dry and heating problem, can in the hen house into for heating, air humidification, prevent the dry air.
In recent years, the poultry farming industry has generally entered the transition period. One is the rapid reduction of small-scale farmers. From the past small farmers, the bulk of the main to large-scale, standardized farming transformation; Second, the scale of farming unit is expanding gradually; Third, the shortage of feeding and management personnel, the labor cost doubled; Fourth, the investment of facilities and equipment for chicken farm construction has been increasing; Fifth, the problem of biosafety of chicken farm is still serious. Although investment is high in the construction field, it is not enough to guarantee the level of biosafety. Sixth, the demand for new technology of standardized breeding is improved. At present, the poultry breeding market is promoting standardized scale cultivation, and the support technology demand of scale breeding and standardized breeding is constantly improving.