What should novices pay attention to when raising chickens

More and more people are joining the breeding industry. With the continuous development of the breeding industry. This industry is very promising. So what should novices pay attention to when raising chickens?


First of all, we must pay attention to choosing a good chicken farm address: the first step in chicken farming is to build a chicken farm. The location of the chicken farm is very important. Farmers where the chicken farm is located should pay attention to choosing a dry place with plenty of sunlight. Convenient drainage, and pay attention to water source, water quality, power supply, transportation, etc., in order to better complete the chicken work.


Second, pay attention to preparing suitable chicken raising equipment. All kinds of breeding equipment are inseparable from the chicken industry. Chicken raising equipment can better improve the efficiency of chicken raising. Generally, the necessary chicken breeding equipment includes: chicken layer cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg picking equipment and fan wet curtain equipment.



Third, pay attention to choosing chicks: chicks are the first step in breeding chickens. The quality of chickens selected by farmers is related to the growth and production of future chickens, and high-quality chickens will be more important in future breeding management. Otherwise, such problems will occur in the process of raising chickens, which not only wastes farmers’ management time, but also wastes breeding costs.


Fourth, pay attention to learning feeding management techniques: feeding management can directly affect the growth and production performance of laying hens. Farmers should pay attention to different chicken breeds and different feeding points in different growth periods. Farmers must carefully study the growth characteristics and feeding points of different chicken flocks in different growth periods. The main points of feeding include: environmental control, feeding work, feed nutrition, disease prevention and regular disinfection, etc.


Fifth, pay attention to disinfection before feeding: Before entering the chicken house, pay attention to thoroughly disinfect the chicken house in advance. Even if the farm house is new, there will be dust and bacteria that will affect the health of the chicken flock in the chicken house. After the disinfection is completed, farmers must pay attention to preheating and keeping warm before entering the chicken house. A relatively high temperature is required for growth to prevent the chicks from feeling cold after entering the house. An uncomfortable reaction occurs.



When buy chicken equipment .farms should know prices and specifications of automatic broiler chicken cages.The above is about what should novices pay attention to when raising chickens