Why is it recommended that farmers buy layer battery cages?

Chicken cage is a kind of poultry equipment mainly used for chicken production method. Help poultry farmers discover poultry farming programs. Poultry equipment manufacturers from the following 5 points to explain why we recommend you to buy layer battery cages.



1, promote the health of chickens

Many poultry farmers do not get healthy results from raising chickens. Because they neglected the use of battery cage system. layer cages is a great way to keep chickens healthy. It can boost their reproduction. Barbed wire allows manure to leak. Remove droppings from around the flock. Ultimately minimizing the risk of faecal-borne diseases. This will keep the chickens healthy and thus protect the interests of the farmers.

2,Increase egg production

Healthy chickens are more productive than chickens raised in unhealthy conditions. The battery cage system increases the egg production potential of the chicken.

3, Low labor costs

The battery layer cages for sale reduces the labor of the chicken farmer. This is because chickens are well manage. There are several facilities where they can be fed. Their droppings are properly dispose of. The eggs are rolled to the proper position in the cage.

4,Qualitative feeding of chickens

poultry raising equipment makes raising chickens a habitual process. It means more care for the chickens. This is because chickens are fed through a long metal or plastic tube that splits in two, with a top nipple system in front of the chicken, through which water is supplied to them. This makes it easy for farmers to feed their chickens with plenty of food and water.

Chickens do well in battery cage system, which makes them healthier and more productive.

5,Realize intensive farming

Buy layer battery cages can help poultry farmers achieve intensive farming. Promote discoveries in poultry farming projects.