Why poultry farmers using chicken layers cages in Zimbabwe ?

Agriculture is the critical pillar of the Zimbabwean economy which contributes enormously to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Among agriculture, poultry farming is an easy entry for many farmers in Zimbabwe?and it has a very good future income. With the maturity of poultry farming industry, poultry farming equipment and poultry farming technology are becoming more and more advanced. Currently, the vast majority of chicken farmers in Zimbabwe are raising chickens in chicken layers cages. This is why ?We have summarized the following reasons.

Chicken layer cages can increase the amount of breeding

The chicken layers cage is a cage specially designed for raising laying hens. There are two types of A type layer cages and H type layer cages, and they both take advantage of the space in the vertical direction. The chicken layers cages can generally be designed with 3-5 tiers, and some can be designed with 8 or even 10 tiers. Compared with free range laying hens on flat land, the use of chicken layers cages can increase the breeding volume to at least 3 times. Raising chickens through layer cages allows you to raise more chickens even if your land area is limited.

For example, if you have a chicken house with a length of 105 meters, a width of 12 meters and a height of 5 meters. How many laying hens do you think this chicken house can hold?

If it is flat raised, generally 8 to 9 laying hens are raised per square meter, and the total area is 1260 square meters. So that means that a maximum of 11340 chickens can be raised . On the contrary, what if laying hen cages are used? At this time, you can choose a H type layer cage with 5 tiers and 2 doors. Each group of chicken cages can breed 160 chickens. And according to the area of your chicken house, you can put a total of 316 groups of chicken cages. The calculation result is that 50,560 chickens can be raised. It is equivalent to about 5 times the amount of chickens raised on flat land.

Therefore, using chicken layers cages in Zimbabwe to raise chickens can help Zimbabwean farmers realize intensified farming, increase production and thus increase income.

chicken layers cage

Chicken layer cages can increase egg production

As a laying hen farmer, the egg production rate must be a problem that you are very worried about. Layer hens raised in layer cages have a stable supply of feed and water to ensure adequate nutrient intake. At the same time, laying hens growing in chicken cages do not need to have a lot of activity, so more energy can be saved for laying eggs. Eating the same feed in this way, each chicken can produce more eggs. And it means that the feed conversion rate can be increased.

In addition, layer hens raised in cages are generally healthier. Because the use of chicken cages is more convenient to manage. Whether it is feeding medicine to chickens or disinfecting epidemics, it is very convenient. The chicken manure in the chicken house can also be directly removed from the chicken house through the automatic manure cleaning system to keep the chicken house clean. That is, chickens raised in layer cages can avoid more bacterial infections and thus get less sick. In this way, the egg production rate of healthy laying hens is naturally high, and more eggs can be produced.

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Layer chicken cages can realize automated farming

The use of chicken layers cages can be equipped with different automation equipment according to needs. Automation can be realized from feeding and drinking water to collecting egg and manure and even environmental control. Layer cages help chicken farmers achieve higher production efficiency and save more labor and time costs. A chicken house may usually only need one or two workers to complete the workload of raising 50,000 chickens per day.

In the whole set of laying hen cage system, the automatic drinking water system is included, which can automatically provide water for the chickens. There are two options for automatic feeding equipment, namely the gantry type feeding system and the driving type feeding system. Both can be done to automatically feed the chickens. The automatic egg collection system is specially suitable for collecting eggs. It can be combined with a horizontal and inclined egg conveying device to directly transport the eggs to the egg storehouse for packaging. The automatic manure cleaning system also includes two types, scraper type manure removal and flat belt type manure removal. The environmental control system is generally used in a fully enclosed chicken house. People do not need to enter the chicken house, and the indoor environment can be controlled by buttons.

Where to buy layers cages in Zimbabwe

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