The wide application of poultry farming chicken cage equipment

In today’s poultry farming industry, raising chickens is still a big project in the poultry farming industry. As a part of agriculture and a leading industry, more and more people are involved in the breeding industry. It is worth noting that the traditional artificial chickens a day favour to night, time consuming, the production efficiency is limited, but with the aid of automatic poultry farming equipment, is easy and efficient, tradition and modern form a huge contrast. How to achieve high yield with modern farming chicken equipment.

Sustainable application of poultry farming equipment

Breeding “sustainable development” has been put forward as early as a few years ago, but automatic farming equipment also can contribute to sustainable development is in the process of equipment used in recent years gradually realized by people. Using poultry farming chicken cages automation equipment can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, aquaculture environment improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the drug use, and the establishment of the automatic hen-house form a relatively sealed small environment, conducive to farm environment control. In addition, automated chicken coop is more economical for poultry farming resources.
The poultry farming chicken cage equipment adopts the latest technology to make the chicken cages convenient, the ventilation effect is good, the equipment is reasonable, easy to clean, the economy is durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the switch is convenient.

poultry farming equipments
poultry farming equipment

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High density application of poultry farming equipment

The poultry farming chicken cage equipment is mainly used in the way of high density feeding. This approach reduces the contact with the feces of poultry, is helpful to control the disease, but also raise the breeding density, reduced the area, make the laying hens rate increased by 6 ~ 10%, fertilization rate increase by about 10%. The cage farming chicken equipment according to its section type has the laminated type, the step type, the half step type. The number of cages can be single, double and triple, up to eight floors. Compared with flat culture, cage culture can increase the breeding density by more than 3 times

However, even if it is a high density breeding, it should be changed to ensure that each chicken has 450cm2 to 500cm2 of activity space. When the density is too large, the activity of the chicken is limited, affecting the feeding and drinking of the chicken, the air is dirty, the oxygen is insufficient, and the temperature is too high. As a result, the chicken grows slowly and the uniformity of the group is poor, which may cause some diseases. If the density is too small, the feeding area is wasted and the cost of raising is increased.

Chicken activity is too large, consuming energy in the body and wasting feed. Reasonable stocking density should be determined according to the actual conditions of the house, ventilation conditions and feeding conditions. And it will be conducive to the feeding and drinking of the chickens. So that the oxygen in the house is sufficient, the air is good, and the growth and development are not affected in poultry cage equipment.

Poultry farming equipment for different kinds of chickens

Poultry farming chicken cage equipment can be used to raise different kinds of chickens, such as layers, broilers, chicks.

Layer cage equipment is mainly used for breeding layer hens after growing up to 12 weeks or 16 weeks. Layer hens are mainly raised for eggs, which can be sold for money. At present, people’s demand for eggs is very large, so the income of raising laying hens is very considerable. And the layer cage system can help improve the productivity of egg collection. o most chicken farmers choose to use the layer cage system to raise laying hens.

Broiler chicken cage equipment is mainly used for breeding broiler chickens for meat production. One day old broiler chicks can be directly put into the cages and raised to 45 days old . Then the Broilers grows very faster and are ready for sale at 12 weeks. The cages are unnecessarily changed during their growing. Broiler chickens are different from laying hens. The purpose of breeding is not to obtain eggs, but to obtain chicken meat. Therefore, there is no need for egg collection equipment in broiler chicken farming equipment. And other equipment is similar to laying hens.

Chick cage equipment is designed for baby chicks from one day old to 7-8 weeks. This period is called the brooding period which lays the foundation for the subsequent feeding phase in the layer cage.The breeding environment of the chicks is very important. Baby chicks cage allows you to centrally manage and take care of the chicks, while providing a hygienic breeding environment.

Poultry farming chicken cage
poultry farming chicken cage

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Poultry farming equipment in the whole process of raising chicken

Poultry farming equipment can be applied to the whole process of raising chickens. Let’s take the layer cage system as an example to introduce the relevant equipment according to the breeding sequence.

Layer chicken cage equipment.Chicken cages provide living space for chickens. It is where chickens live for a long time during egg production and meat production. It is also an essential poultry equipment in the process of raising chickens.

Chicken feeding system. There are two main types of poultry feeding equipment, namely the gantry type feeding machine and the driving type feeding machine. Both feeding machines are fully automatic, and you only need to click a button to complete the feeding.

Water drinking system. A pressure reducing valve, a water pipe and a drinking nipple are installed on the chicken cage. After connecting the water source, turn on the switch to complete the automatic water supply.

Egg collection system. For the layer cage system, the automatic egg collection device is a very important device. Automatic egg collection equipment can replace manual egg collection, greatly improving the efficiency of egg collection.

Manure cleaning equipment.Chicken manure is bound to be produced in the process of raising chickens. Chicken manure cleaning equipment can help chicken farmers remove chicken manure from the chicken house, so as to ensure the sanitation of the chicken house

Environmental control system. This device can help regulate the temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc. in the chicken house. The growth of chickens has certain requirements for the growth environment. In order to obtain better benefits, the growth environment of the chicken should be satisfied as much as possible.

Environmental control system

In conclusion

For the development of large-scale farming, advanced modern poultry farming equipment is indispensable. The advanced poultry breeding facilities and equipment have different performance characteristics and must be matched with the different production methods, objectives and scale of the breeding enterprises. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd according to user needs to know more about the corresponding poultry farming facilities, equipment performance and characteristics, development and production of the automation of breeding equipment to achieve the scientific and reasonable, give full play to the farming equipment in the process of breeding has the bigger role.