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Livi layer battery cages are poultry cages, it mainly designed for rearing the laying chickens to produce eggs, as many as possible. It can provide a comfortable environment for chickens to lay eggs. Some main advantages of layer battery cage: a superior feeding system, efficient and automated manure removal, a cleaner house environment, etc.. The layer battery cages manufactured by Livi industry are easy to installed and can be stacked up to eight decks high. So, the stocking density of laying chickens is greater.


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Livi layer battery cage A-type full auto egg-collector system, it equips walking-feeder, egg-collector, scraper disposal manure system, that is easy to operate which can increase efficiency and the benefit. The new  multi-tier large equipment with large cage position, it adopts narrow bottoms and large slope troughs. It can helps chicken’s intake of feeds and save feeds. The increase of tier distance is beneficial to ventilation and light. It can avoid the occurrence of coccidiosis. The more space the birds have, the birds live more comfortably. This can help birds grow more healthily.


Product feature:

  1.  Easily operate and durable life.
  2.  Cold or hot galvanizing Zinc can be choose.
  3.  Ventilation is batter for chicken growing to improve the production of laying.
  4.  Lower of cost and high benefit.


Our layer cage design is warmly welcomed by our customers. The layer feeding equipment has automatic feeding, egg collecting, and manure cleaning systems. Because of its easy operation and high labor productivity, it is suitable for large-scale poultry farms.

A-type battery layer cages and H-type battery layer cages are both excellent poultry farming battery cages for our customers. Each type of layer farming cages have various tiers and specifications. Tell us your condition of your poultry farming, we will recommend different plans for you. We provide poultry feeding equipment could meet the needs of most farms. The followings are the detailed specifications for our layer battery cage equipment.


Livi Industry in China puts quality and service as the most important points to satisfy our clients’ requirements. Please feel free to give your inquiry in any time. We will reply you in 24 hours. Thanks very much.

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