poultry manure removal system supplier in china

Poultry Manure Removal System

Poultry Manure Removal System Supplier in China – Livi Industry

Livi poultry manure removal system is primarily used with the poultry cage system to dry and eliminate the poultry manure in the poultry farming cages and keep the poultry cages clean and hygienic. This can provide the optimal cage environment for chickens.

The poultry manure removal system in Livi industry includes two types: H-frame manure removal system with manure belt and the manure removal system with scrapper. This chicken manure removal system offers the optimal solution to provide the hygienic environment for poultry cage system for breeding and rearing.

poultry manure removal system supplier in china
poultry manure removal system supplier in china

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The manure removal system with manure belt is specially design for H-frame stacked cage system for broilers and laying chickens. The manure belt is made of polypropylene and located between each tier. The safe and regular manure removal is guaranteed by polypropylene manure belts. The manure belts collect the poultry manure and carry it to the end of the poultry cage system. Then the poultry manure falls on the manure cross conveyor which takes it outside the poultry house for a cleaner environment.

The manure removal system with scrapper can remove manure from manure pits in the poultry cage system outside for storage and treatment, allows for frequent waste removal, reduce odor and gas production within the poultry cages from the stored wastes and improve the environment. It is composed of driving system, scraper, angle pulley, stroke limitation, control panel, etc.. The scraper is manufactured with ultra grade raw material to make it comply with the international quality standards.

china chicken manure removing system suppliers
china chicken manure removing system suppliers

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Features of Livi Poultry Manure Removal System:

1. The poultry manure removal system is developed to clean poultry manure in all seasons and consumes minimal energy, which can reduce manure disposal costs and can even yield a profit if sold.

2. As the structure is compact, the poultry manure removal system is very suitable for the small spaces, such as poultry cages.

3. It improves the living condition of chickens. Regular manure removal from the poultry cages reduces ammonia levels, which has a positive effect on the health of the chickens.

4. With the help of poultry manure removal system, it is possible to enhance 90% manure drying.

5. The scraper is manufactured in stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel, and the support frame is made of aluminum zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board.

6. High efficiency, low energy and reduce dependability on man power.

7. Easy to operate, full automatic and low maintenance.

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