Nigerian farmers use chicken cage equipment to raise chickens

Nowadays, the continuous development of poultry raising equipment. Nigerian farmers have use chicken cage equipment to raise chickens.This method of breeding has a small area and high space utilization. So?the chicken cage equipment is very suitable for large scale chicken farming in Nigeria.Because of this, the chicken industry in Nigeria is getting better and better, and more and more people have joined the chicken industry. Most of them raise chickens in chicken cage in Nigeria.

It is most profitable to use chicken cage in Nigeria

Nigerians love poultry meat. It is the third most consumed meat in Nigeria, second only to beef and goat meat. Reports show that Nigerians consume more than 1.5 million tons of poultry meat every year, and the demand for poultry eggs and poultry meat continues to rise steadily. However, Nigeria’s local poultry production can only meet about 30% of the demand, while poultry imports can meet the rest. This clearly shows that poultry farming in Nigeria is a lucrative agricultural sector, but still underdeveloped in Nigeria. So, if you are considering a career in agriculture, you should definitely consider poultry farming.

Poultry farming is the raising of domestic birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc. to produce meat, eggs, feathers, and dung for human consumption and other uses. Among these many poultry, layer chicken farming is the most lucrative in Nigeria.Also, it is best to raise chickens in chicken cage in Nigeria . Raising chickens in chicken cage can maximize production efficiency and save costs.This is a highly profitable industry with many exciting opportunities. If done right, you will kill two birds with one stone – and make a lot of money due to the high demand for poultry meat and eggs in Nigeria.

chicken cage in Nigeria

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Poultry raising equipment in Nigeria for farmers

Since raising chickens in Nigeria is very profitable, what kind of poultry raising equipment needed to raise chickens in Nigeria?

1. Chicken cage equipment. Now chicken farmers are very familiar with the chicken cage in Nigeria. Many chickens in Nigeria are raised in cages. Chicken cage equipment is usually multi layer, which can make full use of the space of the chicken house. Greatly improved the chicken raising efficiency of farmers.

2. Feeding equipment. In the past, chicken farmers used artificial feeding. But now, there is an automatic feeder, a device designed to feed chickens. The feeding machine can be made into multi layers, and chickens in multi layer cages can be fed at the same time.

3. water supply equipment. There are many kinds of drinking water equipment. Among them, the nipple drinker is relatively automatic. And can save water and prevent bacterial pollution. When the chickens need water, they just touch the nipple and the water comes out. After the chicken finishes drinking, the drinking nipple will automatically close and the water will stop flowing out.

4. Egg collection equipment. Egg collection equipment is actually used on layer farms. Generally, it is a chicken farm with a high degree of mechanization. The conveyor belt is used to collect eggs automatically, with high efficiency.

5. Manure cleaning equipment. Manure cleaners are widely used in cages. The feces in the chicken house can be cleared out of the chicken house in time to ensure the sanitation of the chicken house.

6. Environmental control system. It is mainly suitable for closed chicken houses. In Nigeria, there are still many semi enclosed chicken houses and open chicken houses. The environmental control system needs to be determined according to the specific situation.

Environmental control system

Key points to use chicken cage equipment in Nigeria

Many new farmers in Nigeria have little knowledge of chicken breeding. What are the key points for Nigerian farmers to use cage equipment to raise chickens? Next, I will explain the key points of chicken breeding.

The first is that the temperature of the chicken house should be appropriate. It cannot be too high or too low. Keep it at a balanced temperature. In this way, the chickens raised in the cage equipment will grow up healthily. Appropriate temperature can give full play to the benefits of feed. Nigerian farmers also need to flexibly control the temperature based on the response of the chickens. Generally, when the temperature of the chicken house is too low, the chickens scream and gather. When the temperature of the chicken house is too high, the chickens are scattered and panting, and the chickens are evenly distributed at the right temperature. So that we can better raise chickens

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The chicken coop should be clean and sanitary without smell. Only by providing the chickens with a comfortable growth and production environment, can the chickens exert their normal growth and production performance, increase the survival rate, and increase the economic benefits of the farmers. Therefore, the chicken house should be ventilated at a reasonable temperature. At the same time, the harmful gases in the chicken house should be reduced.

Many Nigerian farmers who use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens need to understand. The use of breeding equipment to raise chickens is to raise more chickens. Reduce floor space and increase stocking density. But it can’t raise too much. This will have a great impact on the growth and development of chickens. If not noticed, it will also affect the chicken coop. So the right density is the most important

Join the poultry business in Nigeria

The development of chicken farming in Nigeria has a good background, which is very suitable for new farmers to enter. The current poultry raising experience is very rich, and the poultry raising equipment is also very advanced,it is easy to develop. If you are thinking of joining the chicken farming industry in Nigeria, look no further, it is a very lucrative business.We can provide chicken cage in Nigeria, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us